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Our Clients

How We Work

We thank you for being a part of our practice, and more importantly, a part of our lives. After years of serving our clients, we have learned a lot, and several things have become clear. Perhaps our most important revelation has been we cannot be all things to all people and deliver the level of service and commitment that individuals like you, our Ideal Clients, deserve. Over the years and through our experiences, we have come to appreciate the type of clients we are most suited to partner with and serve.

As your Financial Advisor, we believe your goal of achieving financial independence must be at the core of our philosophy and planning strategy. The relationships we are most philosophically aligned with are not defined by money or investments, but rather the attitudes of people most like ourselves.

2. Research Phase
  • Have confidence in someone other than themselves to handle their wealth management needs
  • Believe in the importance of creating a plan and letting the process generate results over time
  • View our firm as a partner committed to ensuring their financial success
  • Are motivated to listen, engage, and act on professional recommendations for following a clear path to financial independence
  • Are friendly, nice people who appreciate our staff and our expertise
  • Have a general sense of how the market works and are able to tune out the noise
  • Are open and honest communicators willing to introduce us to likeminded friends and colleagues
  • Have gratitude for today and ambition for tomorrow

Our Commitment To You

We believe in managing each client relationship with prudence and a long-term perspective, adhering to the highest standards of ethical behavior and fiduciary responsibility. Our primary focus is to help our clients achieve financial independence. We have conviction in what we do, competency based on experience and education, and dedication to developing mutual trust, respect, and understanding. We will serve as your partner, your sounding board, and your reaffirming voice through whatever peaks and valleys life has in store.

3. Implementation

We Pledge To:

  • Acquire and maintain a thorough understanding of your financial goals
  • Update your current financial information as your life unfolds and needs evolve
  • Carefully determine and monitor your investment risk and time frame
  • Explain the implications of the strategies we propose
  • Update you as appropriate by appointment, phone, or email
  • Meet with you regularly to review your personal financial situation
  • Act as your primary financial advisor, putting your interests first
  • Treat you with respect, honesty, and professionalism